dis·place is a series that started out as a journal and has gradually become a visual study on letting go.

We have all lost someone. Everyone has had to leave… everyone is searching… everyone holds on to memories. We’ve all had a connection that refuses to break. At some point, we have to find our own place in the new scheme of things.

This project is about that period of transition: when we’re neither here nor there, now or then, and everything that defined us needs to be seen from a distance. Then it can fall back into place and fit perfectly… but can everything fit perfectly all the time?

Are we still the same people? No matter how much we try to change in our lives, does it make a difference? Who decides who we become? Does a part of us stay with the ones we’ve left behind? Are we ever completely whole?

Drawing inspiration from my own experience for this project has been both frustrating and exciting. Along the way my questions turned into a puzzle and now I’m waiting for the pieces to come together.